PROFILE-MANAGER(1)					      General Commands Manual						PROFILE-MANAGER(1)

profile-manager - starts the gui for configuring the metadata used by desktop-profiles SYNOPSIS
profile-manager DESCRIPTION
The desktop profiles package needs metadata about the available profiles in order to decide when to activate which profiles. This metadata is contained in the .listing files placed in the /etc/desktop-profiles directory. This convenience script will start a graphical interface for configuring that metadata. The gui is a kommander script, so you need to have the kommander package installed for the gui to work (the script will check if the neces- sary prerequisites are present, and tell you what's missing if necessary). OPTIONS
There are no options FILES
/etc/desktop-profiles/*.listing - Files containing the metadata about installed profiles BUGS
The gui currently barks at profile metadata containing a single quote in the description. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Bart Cornelis <>. SEE ALSO
desktop-profiles(7), list-desktop-profiles(1), update-profile-cache(1) desktop-profiles May 07, 2005 PROFILE-MANAGER(1)

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