Setting window manager manually for GNome

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Old 02-27-2002
Setting window manager manually for GNome

So, I just finished building a FreeBSD box from the ground up using only the ports collection and got my box up and running with XFree86 4.1.0 and KDE 2.2.

Some of the tools that I installed required GNome so I installed GNome 1.4 as well. When I fire up GNome I get informed that my window manager is not GNome friendly. "Okidoke, I can handle that" I say to myself and I installed Sawfish from the FreeBSD Ports.

I bring GNome back up and it still complains that my window manager is not GNome friendly. I fiddle around and find the list of installed window managers (twm and Sawfish). I fiddled around and on one property sheet, I was informed that Sawfish was not running. I am assuming that this message means that Sawfish is not the default window-manager and therefor is not running.

The question is, how do I manually change the window manager that GNome is using currently? I am assuming that I just overlooked something this morning before I ran off to work.

I have really enjoyed setting up FreeBSD from scratch with the ports. Really, really cool stuff. I have never setup Apache with PHP4 with such ease! The ports team for FreeBSD have done a really good job. Only one port has refused to compile for me (Ogle, DVD player) so I am quite happy.
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Old 02-28-2002
Never mind!

Figured it out tonight and got Sawfish up and running. GNome does much better with Sawfish than twm!
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