Problem with USB - solaris 10 on VMware

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Operating Systems Solaris Problem with USB - solaris 10 on VMware
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Old 12-11-2007
Problem with USB - solaris 10 on VMware

I am running solaris 10 on VMware and I do not know how to setup the USB drive. After refer to few doc from sun still unable to get what i should do.
Can someone help?

On VMware I have added a USB controller.

Oh yes, from prtconf and dmesg, it don't seem to reganize the usb controller. I believe I have to make the system to recognise the USB first.
# prtconf| grep USB
# prtconf| grep usb
# dmesg |grep usb

below are the vfstab config
# more vfstab
#device device mount FS fsck mount mount
#to mount to fsck point type pass at boot options
fd - /dev/fd fd - no -
/proc - /proc proc - no -
/dev/dsk/c0d0s1 - - swap - no -
/dev/dsk/c0d0s0 /dev/rdsk/c0d0s0 / ufs 1 no -
/dev/dsk/c0d0s7 /dev/rdsk/c0d0s7 /export/home ufs 2 yes -
/devices - /devices devfs - no -
ctfs - /system/contract ctfs - no -
objfs - /system/object objfs - no -
swap - /tmp tmpfs - yes -
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