problem installing pine

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Operating Systems Solaris problem installing pine
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Old 11-22-2007
problem installing pine

when i try to build pine unix tells me it can't find make

# ./build xxx
make args are CC=cc soc

Including LDAP functionality
ln: cannot create c-client: File exists
ln: cannot create mtest: File exists
ln: cannot create mailutil: File exists
ln: cannot create imapd: File exists
ln: cannot create ipopd: File exists
Making c-client library, imapd, and ipopd
eval make CC=cc SSLTYPE=none SPECIALS= soc
./build: make: not found
| Problems building c-client |
| |
| Please check the output above for a |
| possible explanation for this failure |

i also tried going into pine dir and doing /usr/path/to/makefile/make install
and it says it can not make target install. does this mean theres something wrong with my make file or i'm typing in the wrong commands? thanks
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