Problem installing Solaris 10

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Operating Systems Solaris Problem installing Solaris 10
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Old 07-29-2009
Problem installing Solaris 10

Hello to everybody, I`m Trying to install solaris 10 in a e3000 sun sparc.I have to create a instalation server, because de scsi cdrom doesn`t work.When i am in the prompt and write boot net, everything is going great i see the banner ( Solaris 5.10 64 bits version bla bla bla) but sudenly stop and say "whoiam: No domain name" and freeze there.Somebody knows a solution for this?Somebody install solaris 10 on a e3000? without problems? Thankyou for your time and helpFrom Argentina i send my regards.
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Old 07-30-2009
I suppose its not supported for Solaris 10Smilie
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Old 07-30-2009
two situations i can think of...
depending on how you resolve names to ips, you may need to add it to your controller or add it to say /etc/hosts on your js server.


you may need to add the servers mac address to /etc/ethers on the js server.

i remember this issue but can't think of the solution at the moment.
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Old 08-03-2009
Thank you for answer pupp i re checked evertrhing about the ethers and the mac of the e3000 is ok and is write, and also the /etc/hosts.Also.
Incredible maybe can be that i`m still fighting
Thank you for your answer.And your time
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Old 08-03-2009
The E3000 is supported by Solaris 10.

Try "boot net -avs" and see where it hangs.
"whoami: No domain name" is both unrelated and harmless.
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Old 08-03-2009
i do boot net -avs evertrhing ok i press enter.Here is the problem
Root name: blank don`t say anithing i press enter
Requesting Internet adrres for : the mac of e3000
Found my ip adrees: host id and ip between ( ).
Hostanme: e3000
whoami: No domain name
and goes into
root name again

Thank you for your time

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anyone knows what i have to do?
From Argentina I send my regards
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Old 08-04-2009
well then i'd say its on your js. i would run throught the js config again. maybe you missed something like adding the client mac address.

here is a very simple procedure: Installing Jumpstart server and client
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