how to sort paragraphs by date within a file

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Old 02-13-2008
Question how to sort paragraphs by date within a file

hi all
i want help in sortng date in paragraphs within file ,
i want to ask as if there any option to sort a certain pattern of file not the rest of file.i.e the data of file become sorted with respect to date
i have a log file as follows

!! *A0628/081 /08-01-10/13 H 52/N=5524/TYP=INC/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
!! *A0628/320 /08-01-15/14 H 33/N=7444/TYP=COM/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
* #F0612/T11F14/NCEN=MULCT /08-01-30/11 H 41/NAM=ODCAB /TDA=0001

!! *A0628/538 /07-12-17/15 H 52/N=7576/TYP=ICT/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
/ ICTRQ AGCA=S1-TR01-B03-A085-R133
!!! *A0628/294 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7512/TYP=SRE/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
/PS =00009999/TYR=RN

!! *A0628/361 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7513/TYP=COM/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
/CB 200 BLOS
! *A0628/359 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7514/TYP=COM/CAT=SI/EVENT=MAL
/N=4543/ABNT X25 INDISPO. /R=00083/CU1A

!!! *A0628/080 /08-01-13/07 H 30/N=6540/TYP=INC/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
!! *A0628/081 /07-12-29/16 H 22/N=5052/TYP=INC/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
!! *A0628/081 /08-01-10/13 H 52/N=5526/TYP=INC/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL

!!! *A0628/080 /08-01-10/13 H 52/N=5527/TYP=INC/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
!!! *A0628/087 /08-01-16/01 H 28/N=7648/TYP=CLI/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL

i want to extract the date , time , NCEN , EVENT , TAXAL & AGEO
i used the code following

sed  '/^!/i\
' log | sed -n -e '/^!!! /,/^$/w critical.log' -e '/^!! /,/^$/w major.log' -e'/^! /,/^$/w minor.log'
awk 'BEGIN {FS="/"; RS=""} { printf "%s/%s/%s/\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s/%s\n\n", $1, $3, $4, $10, $12, $8, $14, $15}' minor.log 
exit 0

this code does seperate the paragraphs follwing ! , !! , !!! (i.e. minor , major & critical alarms of the log file respectively ,in their respective log files i.e. minor.log ,major.log & critical.log )
and 'awk' gives me output as following

! *A0628/07-12-17/15 H 58/

but i want the output to be sorted by date Smilie
(date pattern=/07-12-17/)
i tried to use the sort -k but i coldnt understand the right pattern to use it
or I have to sort this date pattern by loops ?
cant understand
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Old 02-13-2008
Duplicate post.
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