how to extract paragraphs from file in BASH script followed by prefix ! , !! and !!!

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Old 02-08-2008
Question how to extract paragraphs from file in BASH script followed by prefix ! , !! and !!!

I]hi all
i am in confusion since last 2 days Smilie
i posted thraed yesterday and some friends did help but still i couldnt get solution to my problem

let it be very clear
i have a long log file of alkatel switch and i have to seperate the minor major and critical alarms shown by ! , !! and !!! respectively

the file format is like this[/I]


CMD ALAIL 06095 08-01-30 11-58-23
INP ALAIL 06095 08-01-30 11-58-23

RES ALAIL 06095 08-01-30 11-58-24
CEN=1/08-01-30/11 H 58 MN 19/STORED ALARMS LIST

! *A0628/540 /07-12-17/15 H 58/N=7598/TYP=ICT/CAT=SI/EVENT=MAL
/ ICTRQ AGCA=S1-TR01-B03-A112-R065
!!! *A0628/303 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7501/TYP=COM/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL

!!! *A0628/306 /08-01-23/07 H 20/N=9619/TYP=COM/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
!!! *A0628/303 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7503/TYP=COM/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
!!! *A0628/089 /08-01-29/22 H 14/N=1760/TYP=ENP/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL

!! *A0628/320 /08-01-17/13 H 47/N=8062/TYP=COM/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL
* #F0612/T11F14/NCEN=MULCT /08-01-30/11 H 33/NAM=ODCAB /TDA=0001
!!! *A0628/303 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7506/TYP=COM/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL

!!! *A0628/303 /07-12-17/15 H 46/N=7507/TYP=COM/CAT=IM/EVENT=MAL
!! *A0628/320 /08-01-26/06 H 39/N=0566/TYP=COM/CAT=ID/EVENT=MAL

how wil i extract these paragraphs of alarms in respective alarm file??
i need to extract this log on the basis of prefix ! , !! , !!!

i am using the code to take input from file into script as

alarm= `cat ~/alkatel.txt`
echo $alarm | while read line
echo $line

i want to see this code in bash only not in perl and any othe language please do me this favor
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Old 02-08-2008
Tools A try with bash

rm old alarm* files
will read an input file called alarms
put any beginning undefined lines into alarm
read thru the file, and based on ! or !! or !!! determine output file
write line to case'd filename

Note: once an alarm file is set, everything will be written there until a new alarm file is calculated.

#! /bin/bash

rm alarm alarm1 alarm2 alarm3
while read alt
al_pr=$(echo $alt | cut -d" " -f1)
case "$al_pr"
'!') al_fl="alarm1";;
'!!') al_fl="alarm2";;
'!!!') al_fl="alarm3";;
*) ;;
# echo "$al_pr" "$al_fl"
echo "$alt">>"$al_fl"
done < alarms
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Old 02-08-2008

is any one there to help me out
i am waiting since 2 days
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Old 02-08-2008

i am trying the code above

but the problem is this , i have to deal with a log file keeping alarms of dated dec,07-jan 08
i have to extract these alarms entry by entry ,along with the contents it have ,to their respective files
(example of file given above)

i must have to take input from a file and then sort it and redirect respective paragraghs of log to that particular file e.g. ! to minor alarm file and so

i havnt successful in acheiving input from file and to sort by !!! , !! and !.

will u plz revise your script.
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Old 02-08-2008
in short i wnt to extract paragraphs from a file by prefix ! , !! & !!!
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Old 02-09-2008
Question any one can do it???

plz help me to come to solution of my problem
i want to extract paragraphs line following prefix ! , !! and !!!
i tried so mant times but i coldnt do it
file sample is in given above thraed
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Old 02-09-2008
How about using something like this to extract all paragraphs with the !'s until a blank line or the next line that starts with a "!"?

sed -n '/^!!![^!]/,/[^$|^!]/p' # !!!
sed -n '/^!![^!]/,/[^$|^!]/p' # !!
sed -n '/^![^!]/,/[^$|^!]/p' # !

These should get your individual paragraphs.

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