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match string in a file to file in a directory

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Old 01-12-2008
match string in a file to file in a directory

Hello awk gurus,

I have a text file (st15.txt) containing many station ids.
And, I want to match each station number to individual files in a directory, and then
I would like to copy that file into a different folder if any station id matches to a file.
For example,
"ls *.DAT" shows all files in the current directory.

If you look at "st15.txt", ONLY 4 stations are matching the files in the current directory. Thus,
033445 matches Q033445.DAT
234567 matches X234567.DAT
012345 matches Q012345.DAT
222345 matches Q222345.DAT

So, all these 4 *.DAT files should be copied into a new directory.
I think that awk would be the solution, but I don't know how to attack this problem.

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Old 01-12-2008
this is without awk, will not perform well if the st15.txt is having a huge list of Ids. anyway

$ cat st15.txt

$ ls thedir/
Q012345.DAT Q033445.DAT Q123456.DAT Q222345.DAT X234567.DAT X345678.DAT

$ cat st15.txt | while read line; do cp thedir/*$line.DAT newdir/. ; done

$ ls newdir/
Q012345.DAT Q033445.DAT Q222345.DAT X234567.DAT
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Old 01-12-2008

while read id
  if [ -f ./thedir/Q$id.DAT ]; then
    cp ./thedir/Q$id.DAT /to/new/directory
done < st15.txt

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Old 01-12-2008
ls *.DAT | awk 'BEGIN{
 while( ( getline line < "file" ) > 0  ) {
  if ( substr($0,2,6) in keys ) {
    cmd = "cp \047" $0 "\047 \047" newdir "\047"
    print cmd
    #system(cmd) #uncomment to copy

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Old 01-12-2008
Another one:

(IFS=$'\n';cp $(printf "[QX]%s.DAT\n" $(<st15.txt)) dest)

If your shell doesn't expand $'\n' to a newline, use:


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Old 01-19-2008
Problem was solved.

cat st15.txt|while read line; do cp $(printf "[QX]%s.DAT" $line) ./dest;done

Thanks all!!

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