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Old 07-08-2011
Need Help - match file name and copy to Directory

I am trying to sort the following files from folder Bag to Apple, Cat Food, Dog Food. I can get all of the files I want into a new folder, but not sure of the best approch to get them to their final directory

My Files
cat food 101.ext
Cat Food 102.ext
Dog Food - 101 -Chicken.ext
Dog Food - 102 - Beef.ext

My Folders
Apple - Get All Files starting with apple here
Cat Food - get all cat food here
Dog Food - get all dog food here 
Bag - all My Files are here
Table - all the .ext here

I can
find ~/Bag -name "*.ext"  -exec cp {} ~/Table \;

just fine but I have no clue as to best way to sort from ~/Table to each of the folders

Trying to get this done but have been banging my head about it, Please help or point me in the right direction please

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Old 07-08-2011
This sounds like homework to me. We have a homeowrk forum.

cd ~/Bag
for fname in *
  echo "$fname | grep -q '\.ext$' || continue
  cp $fname ~/Table
  case "$val" in
     "apple*") dest=~/apple ;;
     "dog*")  dest~/'Dog Food' ;;     
  cp $fname ${dest}/$fname

This works only in the bash shell. You can add the extra stements needed to get all of the destinations defined.

Note: spaces in UNIX filenames are a PITA, and are usually inflicted on you only by windows applications. Note the ' ' around Dog Food.
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Old 07-08-2011
Thanks for your assist - it is not homework per se - I have no formal education in Unix or scripting, but am trying to learn. So far these forums have been great, but this one had me stumped...
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