awk two file redirection

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Old 12-18-2007
awk two file redirection


i use awk -F to print three variable delimited by comma $1 $2 $3

if $2=="" i want to extract this information missing from another file using awk -v + some process.

but the problem i can't use the two awk together cause of redirection

there's a solution.

note: i can't use another command like gawk.

the script is like that :

awk -F "," '{ {$1; $2; $3 }
if ($2 == "")
traitement }
traitement' file1 > file2

awk -v s="$string" 'BEGIN{

traitement to find $2
}' file3

can u suggest a solution to have the two awk in the same one ( file1 file2 file3 are not the same).

thanks for u
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Old 12-18-2007
You want to split file3 into two separate files: file1 & file2 based on what criteria?
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