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Old 01-10-2002
Power File redirection

Is it possible to sh a command and receive the standard output on the scrren and use file redirection ie ls -lt > test. Also On SCO-UNIX there was a tellme command which displayed a message when a script had finished running is there something similar for HP UNIX as it is not working.
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Old 01-10-2002
You could look into the "tee" command for displaying output on the screen AND capturing it in a file.

As for the other command, I am not familiar with it, but I bet it could be easily reproduced in a shell script. Could you describe the features you are looking for?

Hope that helps.
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Old 01-10-2002
when I use the at command I want to get a reply when the job has finished I used to use the tellme but I'm not so sure what to use now
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Old 01-10-2002
I couldn't find any information in a quick search on that command... was it custom script, or one that shipped with SCO?

Either way, do you want it to mail you? If so, you might be able to use something like this:
# - mail me when a command 
# completes.
trap "rm -f ${TMP_FILE} 2> /dev/null" EXIT
>$TMP_FILE; chmod 600 $TMP_FILE
if [ -z "${MY_ARGS}" ]; then
     echo "No  command to run! " > $TMP_FILE
     echo "Started ${MY_ARGS} at `date` > ${TMP_FILE}
     ${MY_ARGS} >> ${TMP_FILE} 2>&1
     echo "Finished at `date` >> ${TMP_FILE}
mail Your_Username < ${TMP_FILE}

You can fit this to your needs, of course... Will this work for you?

Keep in mind that I did not test this - I just typed it out... make sure to test it for your needs before using it regularly.
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Old 01-10-2002
kewl ... going to give it a try. thanks for the help
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