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awk print redirection to variable file name

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# 1  
Old 02-29-2008
awk print redirection to variable file name


i need to redirect the output of print to a variable file name:

#This is normal
awk '{ print $17 > "output.txt" }' input

#I need something like this
awk '{ print $17 > "output_${25}.txt" }' input

how to format the output file name to contain a variable?
# 2  
Old 02-29-2008
can you try this:

awk -v value=$variable '{ print $17 > "output_value.txt" }' input
# 3  
Old 02-29-2008
donot qoute the variable in the filename

Hi Nazeeb,

check the below code

awk '{ print $17 > "output_"$25".txt" }' input
# 4  
Old 02-29-2008
Thanks krao!!!
awk -F, '{ print $1 > "output_"$2".txt"}' 1

works fine!

nawk -FS=, '{ print $1 > "output_"$2".txt"}' 1

generates error
nawk: syntax error at source line 1
context is
{ print $1 > >>> "output_"$2 <<< ".txt"}
nawk: illegal statement at source line 1

i think I'll manage it
# 5  
Old 02-29-2008
hi nazeeb,

can u provide a sample input , in that plz specify what delimiters you are using like , = : ... etc. so that i will try to help you in nawk code
# 6  
Old 02-29-2008
Hi krao,

really appreciate your conecern.

the input is just a test file to get the output working on a trial and error basis:

filename: 1
i tried so many things (some of which looked funny too):
nawk -FS=, '{ print $1 > "output_'$2'.txt"}' 1
nawk -FS=, '{ print $1 > "output_\"$2\".txt"}' 1

but it produces output file name with "$" in it.

On the contrary, awk produces the following files:

I think I need a way around to what i am trying to achieve.
# 7  
Old 12-03-2008
This works as long as the variable containing the filename is a positional variable. But if you are using some logic to change the file names not once per line but on some other key, I could find no way to output to a filename in a named variable. So I had to use awk to make a shell script with

cat >filename <<EOF

and then execute that.
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