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Old 03-28-2014
Answered my question, just and a

Smilie . And since every job starts with a B, I edited the string matching case.

gawk '
		"System Number","Job Name","Target Machine","Status","Actual Start Date",
		"Actual Start Time","Actual End Date","Actual End Time") }
	/^ ?[B]/ {
		match($1,/([0-9]+)/,s); s[2]=$1 }
	$1=="STARTING" {
		if(!s[3]) s[3]=$8; s[5]=$2; s[6]=$3 }
		s[1], s[2], s[3], $1, s[5], s[6], $2, $3) }
' your_file

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MKCOVER(8)						      System Manager's Manual							MKCOVER(8)

mkcover - HylaFAX continuation cover page generation command SYNOPSIS
/var/spool/hylafax/bin/mkcover qfile template result DESCRIPTION
bin/mkcover is the command invoked by the facsimile server when a continuation cover page is required for an outbound job that is about to be retried. It generates a single POSTSCRIPT(R) page that is imaged according to the remote capabilities and transmitted as the cover page. The arguments are: qfile the job description file for the outbound job. template the cover page template file, as used by the faxcover(1) program. result the filename where the resultant POSTSCRIPT document should be written. The default mkcover command is a shell script that uses awk(1) to parse the job description file and generate the cover page document. The template file may be optionally compressed with compress(1), pack(1), or gzip(1); the filename suffix is used to decide whether or not the template file contains compressed data. SEE ALSO
faxq(8), hylafax-config(5), sendq(5) June 20, 1994 MKCOVER(8)