Ssh and pgrep not working

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Old 10-29-2013
Ssh and pgrep not working

I have setup SSH keys . Trying to grep to get PID of remote jvm's .

this is what am doing
ssh -q 'PID1=pgrep -fl testapp1|awk "{print $1}";PID2=pgrep -fl testapp2|awk "{print $1}" '
echo $PID1, $PID2

it throws error"sh: -fl: command not found"

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please ignore my question , I was able to figure out

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Old 10-30-2013
cat remotescript
PID1=`pgrep -fl testapp1 | awk '{print $1}'`
PID2=`pgrep -fl testapp2 | awk '{print $1}'`
echo $PID1,$PID2

ssh -q /bin/sh < remotescript

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