ssh is not working !

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Operating Systems AIX ssh is not working !
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Old 10-20-2009
ssh is not working !


I have AIX 6.1 SSH in it is not working but is up and Active .....

server1/etc>lssrc -s sshd
Subsystem Group PID Status
sshd ssh 450686 active

from my PC can I login by SSH but SSH from Server1 to Server2 is not accepting it's giving me this message
server1/etc>ssh sever2
ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection timed out

server1/etc>ssh sever1
ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection timed out

what's the expected resone for this probelm !?

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Old 10-20-2009
SSH not connected

I think you must check your ssh config file for looking in some prameters like Time out and accept connction.
After you can see or create the RSA key or other depend to your strategy to give permission for server 2 for making connection with server 1

Let me in line
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Old 10-20-2009
server1/etc>ssh sever2
ssh: connect to host localhost ...

Is that a typo? server2 is the same as server1? Maybe you have something wrong in your /etc/hosts or DNS?
As former poster mentioned - did you do any changes to your sshd_config? If you have no special needs you usually don't change anything in there.
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Old 10-20-2009
can both the servers talk to each with ping(With hostname)???
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Old 10-20-2009
Also, can you telnet direct to the port? I.e.
# telnet remote_server 22

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