Incrementing parts of ten digits number by parts

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Old 10-10-2013
It would be a shame to delete the thread - as no one else can benefit from your findings. Many here update the title with a [Solved] prefix.

It's also worth clicking the "Thanks" button for any post that you found helpful :wink:.
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Old 10-11-2013
Why I have an error "makedns: 7: makedns: Bad substitution
"????? How to fix it??
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Old 10-13-2013
I suspect your trying to run the makedns script with a shell that dosn't support substring expansion or remove matching prefix pattern these features require the bash or ksh shell.

Try putting #!/bin/bash at the top of your makedns script
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Old 10-14-2013
Originally Posted by Natalie
One more thing which is not relating to question: how delete threads or close here?! cant figure out Smilie
Delete? The point of the forum is not to only help you with your problem, right now, in the present; entire threads are not deemed worthless and obliterated once the problem has been solved. Instead, the forum is a "knowledge base" to which every thread contributes. Once you've been helped, the thread remains a part of the forum so that others, in the future, may learn from it.

There's no need to rush to close it either. Even if your problem is solved, someone may come along and add something of value even after you're no longer following the thread. That value may benefit someone searching the forums at a later date.

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