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Help with a script

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Old 08-27-2013
If df -h alone prints blank lines, I'm not surprised the piped awk also prints blank lines.
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ANACRONTAB(5)						       Anacron Users' Manual						     ANACRONTAB(5)

/etc/anacrontab - configuration file for anacron DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/anacrontab describes the jobs controlled by anacron(8). Its lines can be of three kinds: job-description lines, environment assignments, or empty lines. Job-description lines are of one of these two forms: period delay job-identifier command @period_name delay job-identify command The period is specified in days, the delay in minutes. The job-identifier can contain any non-blank character, except slashes. It is used to identify the job in Anacron messages, and as the name for the job's timestamp file. The command can be any shell command. The fields can be separated by blank spaces or tabs. The period_name can only be set to monthly at the present time. This will ensure jobs are only run once a month, no matter the number of days in this month, or the previous month. Environment assignment lines are of the form: VAR = VALUE Spaces around VAR are removed. No spaces around VALUE are allowed (unless you want them to be part of the value). The assignment takes effect from the next line to the end of the file, or to the next assignment of the same variable. Empty lines are either blank lines, line containing white-space only, or lines with white-space followed by a '#' followed by an arbitrary comment. You can continue a line onto the next line by ending it with a ''. SEE ALSO
anacron(8) The Anacron README file. AUTHOR
Itai Tzur <itzur@actcom.co.il> Currently maintained by Pascal Hakim <pasc@(debian.org|redellipse.net)>. Pascal Hakim 2004-07-11 ANACRONTAB(5)

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