Script will keep checking running status of another script and also restart called script at night

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Old 11-20-2013
Linux Script will keep checking running status of another script and also restart called script at night

I am using blow script :--

FIND=$(ps -elf | grep "" | grep -v grep)         #check is running or not
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
#       echo "process found"
     exit 0;
     echo "process not found"
exec /home/Ketan_r / 2>&1 & disown -h     #start process in background 
     if [ $proc_status -eq 0 ]
     echo "Restarted Process at `date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'` "

crontab entry for this script
*/5 * * * * /home/Ketan_r/logs/ >> /home/Ketan_r /logs/status_snmp_$(date +\%Y\%m\%d).log

now I want this script also kill and restart “” at 11.30PM every day. I am confused, if I am use sleep to within this to kill process(sleep “time”) then it works but this script run on every 5th minute so it again execute sleep command every 5th minute and go on…..
could you please let me know what could be the possible implementation for this….

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Old 11-20-2013
In your cron job write a first test for the time so if condition is met it kills and restart your process if not it continues with the content of your script...
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