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Using foreach with two lists

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Old 06-08-2011
foreach - Linux Command - Unix Command

take a look the 2nd example. I think it should be what you want.
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Old 06-09-2011

Is the second example:

foreach f (${a}) b (${b})
echo "var1 = " $f
echo "var2 = " $b
If so, the output is still:

ObsID =  914
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  3188
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  3189
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  )
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  b
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  (
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  2000
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  100
Bin size =  2000 100 500
ObsID =  500
Bin size =  2000 100 500

Maybe I will need to use a while loop?

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Thanks for your replies. I've managed to solve the problem by doing the following:

while ($i<4)

foreach f ($obs_id[$i])
foreach b ($bin[$i])

echo "ObsID = " $f
echo "Bin size " = $b

@ i = $i + 1


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