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Old 05-20-2002
foreach command ?!


What is the best way to change a word withing a files name. I know I'm not clear enough I will give example : -

I have in /test/test N number of files like this


I want to change the word "####_WAITING" to "####_DONE" or for all the words after the _ at once if possiple. I tried foreach command and I mange to get something like "####_WAITING_DONE" but this is not what I want :-(.

thanks in advance

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Old 05-20-2002
Hi Abdulkarim

Try this:
for i in `ls /test/test`
   echo $i | grep "WAITING" >/dev/null
   if [ $? -eq 0 ]
      j=`echo $i | sed "s/WAITING/DONE/"`
      mv /test/test/$i /test/test/$j

Let me know how you get on.

Helen Smilie

added code tags for readability --oombera

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Old 05-20-2002
do command not found!!

hi helen,

Thanks for your help, but when I tried your command it's not working saying do command not found!!

Maybe I forget to tell you I'm using unix sun 5.6.
and I don't not know what is "fi" for in ur script.I want to know if possiple why u direct the output to /dev/null ??? I'm still a very new unix user :-D.

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Old 05-20-2002
Try with sed

man sed.

Regards. Hugo.
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Old 05-20-2002
Hi Abdulkarim

I see, I'm using HP-UX 11.00 with a Korn Shell. I'm not sure how Sun 5.6 differs. What shell are you using?

I must admit I have not heard of the 'foreach' statement. Are you doing a shell script or using a programming language?

'fi' is the end of the 'if' statement. If statement syntax is as follows:

if <test>
<list of commants>

I have redirected output to /dev/null because I don't want the result of the echo statement to appear on the screen. I just want to know the return value of the statement. If you don't already know, anything that goes to /dev/null 'disappears'. Its a bit like a waste bin.

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Old 05-20-2002
The foreach is in csh.

He is probably running the script the same way (which is why 'do' isn't found). Solaris differs greatly to HP but the shells should work pretty much the same.

Your script, Helen, does work on under Solaris 5.6 in ksh.
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