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SCO UNIX Won't Boot

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Operating Systems SCO SCO UNIX Won't Boot
# 57  
Old 10-28-2009
The divvy program looks at the file system names for all disk drives.
On disk 0 you already have a /dev/u1
On disk 1 you can add a /dev/newu1

/u1 is a directory that is filled with the data that resides on /dev/u1 when you mount the file system.

See post #43 for the details of moving the data from the old u1 to the new u1.
# 58  
Old 10-28-2009
You are going to want a directory /u1. That is the filesystem tie point for your data, tied to either /dev/u1 from your old data or to /dev/newu1 for your new data and is required for your programs to find the stuff they need.

I would suggest that you create a directory called newu1 for the tie point for your new hard drive and use that for the transfer as JGT suggested from post 43. It is awfully easy to forget where you are when you are moving around in directories.

And as an alternative to copying stuff from directory to directory you could also create a backup directory (newu1/backup) and tar your /u1 to it, then when the /dev/newu1 is attached to /u1 you could tar it back off the /u1/backup directory that will show up with the filesystem change.

JGT may have more comments on this.
# 59  
Old 10-29-2009
thanks. post 43? can't seem to find it? would you show me how? please & thanks.

---------- Post updated at 10:16 AM ---------- Previous update was at 09:19 AM ----------

I have made the new filesystems. Do I manually need to mount them? More inputs please. Thanks.

i[nstall] Install the division set-up shown
r[eturn] Return to the previous menu
e[xit] Exit without installing a division table

Please enter your choice: i

Making filesystems

---------- Post updated at 10:27 AM ---------- Previous update was at 10:16 AM ----------

Added 2 new mounts. Now to figure out the links..from /u1 to /flexxu1.

Mount Dir Filesystem blocks used free %used
/ /dev/root 3373036 2363442 1009594 71%
/stand /dev/boot 30720 22408 8312 73%
/flexxu1 /dev/flexxu1 26000002 815686 25184316 4%
/backup /dev/backup 4000000 125572 3874428 4%

---------- Post updated at 10:34 AM ---------- Previous update was at 10:27 AM ----------

Am I still missing something? Did a reboot & the 2 new filesystems created didn't mount automatically.

bash-2.03# df -v
Mount Dir Filesystem blocks used free %used
/ /dev/root 3373036 2363518 1009518 71%
/stand /dev/boot 30720 22408 8312 73%
bash-2.03# mountall
fsstat: /dev/boot mounted
Mounted /stand filesystem
bash-2.03# mount /dev/flexxu1 /flexxu1
bash-2.03# mount /dev/backup /backup
bash-2.03# df -v
Mount Dir Filesystem blocks used free %used
/ /dev/root 3373036 2363528 1009508 71%
/stand /dev/boot 30720 22408 8312 73%
/flexxu1 /dev/flexxu1 26000002 815686 25184316 4%
/backup /dev/backup 4000000 125572 3874428 4%
# 60  
Old 10-29-2009
Ususal way for automatic mounting is "mkdev fs".

Have your directory structure finished first by creating directories flexxu1 and backup, both on root.

run "mkdev fs" twice, once for flexxu1 and once for backup. point both hardware attachements to /dev/xxx and the directories to /xxx, don't let users mount, and clean if dirty.

Next boot they will mount. Both will create lost+found directories.

You can get some instructions via "man mkdev", the built in manual system.

---------- Post updated at 11:51 AM ---------- Previous update was at 11:26 AM ----------

If you attempting the method I suggested this is how you would proceed:

on next login try "df -kv" to verify that the filesystems are in place

tar cvf /backup/u1backup.tar /u1 does a tar of u1
mkdev fs and remove the flexxu1 filesystem
mkdev fs and add the flexxu1 file system to your directory /u1
reboot the system
tar xvf /backup/u1backup.tar which will pull everything back into /u1
you now have your larger /u1 directory mounted on the new drive.

be aware that if the flexxu1 filesystem fails to mount for any reason you will be seeing old data at /u1.

You may at some time in the future want to unmount flexxu1 and wipe the old data out. But not now.
# 61  
Old 10-29-2009
Did the following & saw post 43:

Create two new directories /home and /flexxu1 permissions same as /u1
When you have re-booted the system, start scoadmin and go to Filesystems, add the file system ( /dev/flexxu1 to /flexxu1), and mount now.
Copy all of /u1 to /u2 --------> plan to restore this via tape
Go back into scoadmin ->filesystem ->modify and
modify /dev/flexxu1 to mount to /u1 directory...tried this & got an error from below, and
modify /dev/u1 to mount to /home -----> did not do this yet

──────────────────── Modify Mount Configuration on ccns2 ─────────────────────┐

Host: |localhost_________________________________________|│

Filesystem: |/dev/flexxu1______________________________________|│

Mount Point: |/u1_______________________________________________|│

Description (optional): |__________________________________________________|│

┌──────────────────────────────────────────┐ ┌───────────────────────────────┐│
│ Filesystem Type: |HTFS______________| │ │[ Check and Repair Options... ]││
│ Access Mode: [ Read-write |v] │ │[ Advanced Options... ]││
│ Can Users Mount? [ No |v] │ └───────────────────────────────┘│
│ │ ┌───────────────────────────────┐│
│ │ │When to Mount: ││
│ │ │[*] Now ││
│[*] At System Startup ││
╔═════════════════ Error ═════════════════╗ │ ││
║Failed to remove mount configuration for ║░ │ ││
║ /flexxu1. ║░ └───────────────────────────────┘│
║─────────────────────────────────────────║░ │
║[ OK ] [ Details... ]║░──────────────────────────────────│
╚═════════════════════════════════════════╝░ [ Help ]│
# 62  
Old 10-29-2009
Was the original /u1 unmounted prior to running scoadmin->filesystem?
# 63  
Old 10-29-2009
yes, it was unmounted.

---------- Post updated at 05:22 PM ---------- Previous update was at 01:53 PM ----------

just wondering if SCO will allow me to do this....

remove my existing filesystem u1.
create the same filesystem u1 to the new hard drive?

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