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SCO UNIX Won't Boot

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Operating Systems SCO SCO UNIX Won't Boot
# 78  
Old 11-11-2009
No, not necessarily (failed cpu). Do you have emergency boot diskettes, or Lonetar boot recovery diskette. You may have to run fsck on the root file system.
Did you notice during POST if the DAC960 controller reports system drive 0 as on line, or degraded.
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Old 11-12-2009
My diskettes are of no use, created after I restored everything the last time (lone-tar ones A1 & A2). Would love to run fsck but the thing is that it is not bringing me to the single user mode. Dunno if there is another workaround for this.

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This is the output when using the lone-tar diskette's:

PANIC: k_trap - Kernel mode trap type 0x0000000E:
NOTICE: Flushing DAC960P 0 cache ... WARNING:
Incomplete -1 I/Os on DAC960P 0 at halt time

** Safe to Power Off **
** Press Any Key to Reboot **

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Now it's saying this:

DOUBLE PANIC: k_trap - Double fault trap type 0x00000008
Unable to freeze processor 2, proceeding...
Cannot dump 196508 pages to dumpdev hd (1/41); Space for only 0 pages

Dump not completed

** Safe to Power Off **
** Press Any Key to Reboot **
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Old 11-12-2009
k_trap - Kernel mode trap type 0x0000000E:

Is a page mode fault, (memory error) although it could be the cache memory on the DAC960 controller.
The only reference that I found to the second trap suggested that it had to do with the scsi controller (was on an HP system though.)

Its probably time to consider replacement. SCO 5.0.5 will not run on a P4, but 5.0.6 will. 5.0.7 or 6.0 will require new licensing, but you won't need the multiprocessor license (SMP); a single new processor should be more than equal the two old processors. The 10 user license will install on both 5.0.7 and 6.0 Switching to Linux will probably require at a minimum replacement of the database manager/compiler/run_time that the application software uses. If the Digiboard is ISA or EISA then it will be unusable.
# 81  
Old 11-12-2009
was pushing for that initially, but since it operates with the digiboard, upgrade got shot down. not unless there is a new digiboard that can support the new systems, that would have been fine.......
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Old 11-12-2009
Digi have Terminal Server options (a box that's ethernet one side and RS232 serial on the other, in 8/16 port configurations) They also have PCI multi port serial cards that use the EPCA driver.
# 83  
Old 11-12-2009
Thanks jgt. Any chance you can point me to the right links to check it out??
# 84  
Old 11-12-2009

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