ftp problem?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat ftp problem?
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Old 06-07-2011
ftp problem?

Dear All
I cannot ftp to my RedHat server from MS Windows machine ,but ping and telnet are ok. I checked as the following :
#chkconfig tftp on
After enabling tftp service, still the ftp is not ok but ping & telnet are ok. Can you please help me?
Thank you
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Old 06-07-2011

service tftp status

And check you firewall config, what error you are getting.
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Old 06-07-2011
Thank you for your reply. I checked as :
#service tftp status
But it returned as :
'tftp: unrecognized service'
When I try for ftp from Windows machine, the error message is as :
'connection closed by remote host'
Also, I checked for :
#ps -ef |grep ftp
And it shows instance of './tftp -d'
Please help me.
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Old 06-07-2011
I think this may because of your firewall restricting traffic on ftp port,

try this and post your output,

telnet ip/hostname 21

If you still get connection closed, then problem must be your firewall
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Old 06-07-2011
I tried as :
C:\telnet 21
And it prompts as :
'FTP server ready
530 please login with USER and PASS'
But no login prompt appeared when pressing ENTER key. What can I do next to login to this ftp server and get the required files?
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Old 06-07-2011
tftp and ftp are not the same thing. tftp is trivial ftp and it is for things like router firmware, etc. You want something like vsftpd or proftpd or pureftpd.
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Old 06-07-2011
In RHEL FTP daemon is controlled by xinetd.

You'll need to configure your FTP software (usually tftp or gssftp) under /etc/xinetd.d and then make sure that xinetd is running:

/etc/init.d/xinetd status

Also, remember to verify that the port is actually waiting for connections.

[root@atlas ~]# lsof -i :21
xinetd  3148 root    5u  IPv4   8273       TCP *:ftp (LISTEN)

It would also be useful to check that neither your firewall nor tcpwrappers are dropping the connections.

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