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How can I make ls -l in HP-UNIX?

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Top Forums Programming How can I make ls -l in HP-UNIX?
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Old 09-24-2001
Question How can I make ls -l in HP-UNIX?

I made a liitle source about that..
BUt I got a trouble when making files'authority..

How can I display them??

p.s.) used struct stat ..
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Old 09-24-2001
check the /usr/include/sys/stat.h for the structure definition of 'stat':

struct stat

mode_t st_mode; /* File mode; see #define's in */
uid_t st_uid; /* User ID of the file's owner */
gid_t st_gid; /* Group ID of the file's group */


1.) where st_mode will give u the Access (/usr/include/sys/mode.h has all the access modes)
2.) st_uid will give u the user id which can b mapped with: /etc/passwd for the UID
3.) st_gid will give u the group id which can b mapped with: /etc/passwd for the GID

all the rest of the information is present in the structure 'stat' (/usr/include/sys/stat.h)


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