HP-unix make file Problem

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Operating Systems HP-UX HP-unix make file Problem
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Old 07-13-2011
HP-unix make file Problem

Dear Unixians,

I have try to link my libraries with tuxedo
that showing following errors,

[/usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so: Unable to find library 'libtux.sl'.

My make file few lines:

[ORALIBS=$(ORALIBDIR)/libclntsh.so /usr/lib/hpux64/libpthread.so -lcl  -lm]
actual linking
[-l"$(ORALIBS)" -l "-lcl -lm"]


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Old 07-19-2011
Unix Gurus,

Mismatched Data ABI. Expected EF_IA_64_ABI64
Fatal error.
ERROR: can't execute cc +DD64 +Olit=all -Wl,

Kindly help on this .

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