Our First Flash Intro ?

View Poll Results: What do you think about the intro?
Better than nothing 6 46.15%
Better luck next time Smilie 4 30.77%
Go for it!! 3 23.08%
Gezzze, really bad #$*! 0 0%
Voters: 13. This poll is closed

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# 8  
Old 11-14-2002
maybe it would only be displayed to non cookied users?
# 9  
Old 11-14-2002
To display an intro to only non-cookied users is a good idea....

(1) in default.php check to see if cookied.

(2) if not cookied, play intro

(3) if cookied, go to forum .....

As far as the effects:

Slide the image in and out between words, slow it down a bit....... great ideas....

so much to do, so little time Smilie
# 10  
Old 11-14-2002
Second draft version:


I've not figured out how to make the 'if cookied don't show flash' algorithm work... sorry... so much vB code and so little time Smilie

To get directly to the forums please just go to:


... until we figure out the where vB does the proper cookie checks, etc.

Let me know if you like it better....

(is it still too fast??)

# 11  
Old 11-14-2002

GOOD JOB !!! Neo & ur team

I checked up from home using a dial-up connection...It was pretty fast than i expected...
Also the background music is kool. I liked it fast & zappy !!

Once again... well done.

# 12  
Old 11-14-2002
Not bad for someone who just learned SWiSH for the first day Smilie I like it too!
# 13  
Old 11-15-2002
Also the background music is kool.
There's music??????
# 14  
Old 11-15-2002
148 beat per minute drums .....

OK, I'm moving this thread to the appropriate section. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback for the beta release Smilie I'll close the poll and perhaps we'll do another if we ever get around to another release.

If anyone is interested in helping with the next release, please visit:


and install and learn SWiSH, if you have not already.

Thanks again. Neo
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