Our First Flash Intro ?

View Poll Results: What do you think about the intro?
Better than nothing 6 46.15%
Better luck next time Smilie 4 30.77%
Go for it!! 3 23.08%
Gezzze, really bad #$*! 0 0%
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# 22  
Old 11-19-2002
I definitely think the intro should be skipped automatically for logged-in users... it doesn't add any value for those who are already familiar with the site.

Secondly, there is an error at the top of the page. There is a newline in one of your HTML tags, so it displays instead of being interpreted:


# 23  
Old 11-19-2002
Just one thing...

There is a "skip" option, but I've noticed you have to wait for the flash intro to start before you can choose the option! That's a bit annoying!
# 24  
Old 11-19-2002
The skip option is on the front page of www.unix.com .... if you want to bypass the front page just go to:


... stated in a previous post in this thread Smilie

However, I agree that the intro might be annoying and will watch the 'new user' statistics and if it drops (because of the intro) I will remove it from the main link......

Thanks for the comments. I think the new users numbers are dropping since installing the intro, then again, it is getting close to the holidays and they tend to drop during holidays too Smilie

So, if the 'new members per day' goes down or continues to fall, the intro is an experimental footnote in UNIX.COM history Smilie
# 25  
Old 12-05-2002

Seems that the number of new registered users dropped (not within the normal holiday lull) after the flash intro, so I'm going to see if it goes back up after removing it ....

Now www.unix.com is a direct link to the forums again Smilie
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