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# 22  
Old 08-30-2002
hey, does it accept bmp images.
i tried but it did not accept
# 23  
Old 08-30-2002

...read the thread!

neo wrote "Valid extensions are:

gif jpg bmp jpeg (but I've only tried gif and jpg) "
# 24  
Old 09-03-2002
I'm not sure if bmp will work... I know jpgs and gifs work.
# 25  
Old 09-03-2002
When you go to the "Edit Options" page and select "Change Avatar", do you actually see your pic there?

You can use Paint in Windows to edit the file. Make it a *.gif and less than 64 x 64.

Make sure you save as GIF and then use the directions above and then browse to your HD to the location on your system where the file is, and select it.

Then on the "Change Avatar" page, change the selection from NO to YES to pic your Avatar. then save....

BTW, If you can't see your image on the "Change Avatar" page then you can't select it.

My brain is your Brain....
# 26  
Old 09-03-2002
I see this thread is the new Unix chat room now....you'll have $1 soon wtih everyones 2c.....
(oh and Kelam, does your brain want to do my work for me too?)

Seems to be ongoing issue this one - Nisha maybe it's time you let go of the image you've got and found a new one that is jpg of gif. (or at least convert it over). You're at 100 odd posts now.... I think you'll hit 1,000 with the current image before you get it working.

P.S With all this talk about your picture - it better be a good one!
Smilie Smilie
# 27  
Old 09-04-2002

Yeah u r right.. I am unable to see my image when i click on Change avatar button.. something is somewhere wrong.. Smilie


Dont worry, it wouldn't go that bad to 1000 messages... I am confident with you guys that u will all solve my problem.. Smilie

Growth rate of messages depends on you guys..Let me see who solves my problem.. Smilie
# 28  
Old 09-04-2002
Network Now I'm angry....

I've now lost my avatar. I was trying to upload other formats and not having much luck...and now I can't upload my original one! I know it's valid because it's been in use for ages.....

I feel your pain now Nisha!

Please Neo - can someone have a look at this - it does seem to be broken!

I go to the edit options and click the 'yes' radio....and put in the path locally...it then tell me thanks for updating...and does nothing. Although it did delete when I told it to do that!!!! GRRR
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