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# 8  
Old 08-22-2002
I don't think there are any defaults - you have to upload your own.

I also, believe that the maximum size is something like 60x60, but I'm not sure...
# 9  
Old 08-22-2002
I tried uploading and still its not working Livinfree...

Help me plz...

# 10  
Old 08-22-2002
Is your image on the web somewhere?
What is the type (gif, jpeg, etc...), the size, and the color depth?

The more information you provide, the better the chances are that you will get help.
# 11  
Old 08-23-2002
My image is a jpeg that is residing in my computer..

These are the properties of the image:

size is 10.0 KB.
size on disk is 16.0 KB
color representation is True color RGB

Would this information suffice?

# 12  
Old 08-23-2002
The best if you could get your picture in gif why this because the size are small and easy for you to upload. One question your image size is it 60 X 60 ? Do post back.
# 13  
Old 08-23-2002
10k?! That is way too big...
My avatar is a JPEG, but it's size is 3796 bytes, not 10,000...
Make sire the size is smaller than 60x60, and it may not hurt to put the number of colors at 16 instead of 256...
# 14  
Old 08-23-2002
Ok now its 4,054 Bytes...

The width and height of the avatar is

78 x 105

I couldn't find a much smaller picture....

See if u can help me now....

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