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Old 03-20-2001

I have created a small FAQ for the "Unix for Dummies" forum.
Hopefully this will be useful, as there are questions which are asked (and answered) repeatedly.

<A HREF="http://www.droflet.net/unix_dot_com_faq.html">http://www.droflet.net/unix_dot_com_faq.html
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DPKG-RECONFIGURE(8)						      Debconf						       DPKG-RECONFIGURE(8)

dpkg-reconfigure - reconfigure an already installed package SYNOPSIS
dpkg-reconfigure [options] packages DESCRIPTION
dpkg-reconfigure reconfigures packages after they have already been installed. Pass it the names of a package or packages to reconfigure. It will ask configuration questions, much like when the package was first installed. If you just want to see the current configuration of a package, see debconf-show(1) instead. OPTIONS
-ftype, --frontend=type Select the frontend to use. The default frontend can be permanently changed by: dpkg-reconfigure debconf Note that if you normally have debconf set to use the noninteractive frontend, dpkg-reconfigure will use the dialog frontend instead, so you actually get to reconfigure the package. -pvalue, --priority=value Specify the minimum priority of question that will be displayed. dpkg-reconfigure normally shows low priority questions no matter what your default priority is. See debconf(7) for a list. --default-priority Use whatever the default priority of question is, instead of forcing the priority to low. -u, --unseen-only By default, all questions are shown, even if they have already been answered. If this parameter is set though, only questions that have not yet been seen will be asked. --force Force dpkg-reconfigure to reconfigure a package even if the package is in an inconsistent or broken state. Use with caution. --no-reload Prevent dpkg-reconfigure from reloading templates. Use with caution; this will prevent dpkg-reconfigure from repairing broken templates databases. However, it may be useful in constrained environments where rewriting the templates database is expensive. -h, --help Display usage help. SEE ALSO
debconf(7) AUTHOR
Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> 2018-02-28 DPKG-RECONFIGURE(8)