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xchkdmp(8) [redhat man page]

xchkdmp(8)					       JFS utility - dump fsck.jfs log file						xchkdmp(8)

xchkdmp - dump the contents of a JFS fsck log file created with xchklog SYNOPSIS
xchkdmp [ -f input.file ] [ -V ] DESCRIPTION
xchkdmp dumps the contents of a JFS fsck log file that was created by JFS utility xchklog. If no input file is specified, the default path and file name (<pwd> is used. The output is written to standard out. OPTIONS
-f input.file Specifies the input file name and path. input.file must be 127 characters or less in length. input.file will be read from the present working directory unless it is fully qualified. -V Print version information and exit (regardless of any other chosen options). EXAMPLES
Dump the contents of the fsck service log in <pwd> xchkdmp Dump the contents of the fsck service log in /temp/l9651107.log: xchkdmp -f /temp/l9651107.log REPORTING BUGS
If you find a bug in JFS or xchkdmp , please report it via the bug tracking system ("Report Bugs" section) of the JFS project web site: Please send as much pertinent information as possible, including any xchkdmp error messages and the complete output of running fsck.jfs with the -v option on the JFS device. SEE ALSO
xchklog(8), mkfs.jfs(8), fsck.jfs(8), logdump(8), logredo(8), xpeek(8) AUTHOR
Barry Arndt ( xchkdmp is maintained by IBM. See the JFS project web site for more details: January 11, 2001 xchkdmp(8)

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mkfs.jfs(8)						     JFS file system creation						       mkfs.jfs(8)

mkfs.jfs - create a JFS formatted partition SYNOPSIS
mkfs.jfs [options] device DESCRIPTION
mkfs.jfs is used to create (format) a JFS partition. mkfs.jfs must be run as root. device is the special file name corresponding to the actual device (e.g. /dev/hdb1) on which a JFS file system will be created. The default block size is 4096. WARNING
mkfs.jfs will destroy all data on the specified device! OPTIONS
-c Check the device for bad blocks before building the file system. -L volume_label Set the volume label for the file system. -O Provide case-insensitive support for compatibility with OS/2. -q Quiet execution - do not ask for confirmation before creating the file system. -s log_size Set the log size (in megabytes). If the -s option is not used, the default log size is 0.4% of the aggregate size. -V Print version information and exit (regardless of any other chosen options). EXAMPLES
Format 3rd partition on 2nd hard disk with the volume label "JFS_hdb3": mkfs.jfs -L JFS_hdb3 /dev/hdb3 Format 5th partition on 1st hard disk, verifying each block created: mkfs.jfs -c /dev/hda5 REPORTING BUGS
If you find a bug in JFS or mkfs.jfs, please report it via the bug tracking system ("Report Bugs" section) of the JFS project web site: Please send as much pertinent information as possible including any error messages resulting from running mkfs.jfs and the complete output of running fsck.jfs with the -v option. SEE ALSO
mkfs(8), fsck.jfs(8), extendfs(8), logdump(8), logredo(8), xchkdmp(8), xpeek(8) AUTHORS
Barry Arndt ( William Braswell, Jr. mkfs.jfs is maintained by IBM. See the JFS project web site for more details: November 9, 2001 mkfs.jfs(8)

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