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mkfs.jfs(8)			     JFS file system creation			      mkfs.jfs(8)

       mkfs.jfs - create a JFS formatted partition

       mkfs.jfs [options] device

       mkfs.jfs is used to create (format) a JFS partition.  mkfs.jfs must be run as root.

       device  is  the	special  file name corresponding to the actual device (e.g. /dev/hdb1) on
       which a JFS file system will be created.

       The default block size is 4096.

       mkfs.jfs will destroy all data on the specified device!

       -c     Check the device for bad blocks before building the file system.

       -L volume_label
	      Set the volume label for the file system.

       -O     Provide case-insensitive support for compatibility with OS/2.

       -q     Quiet execution - do not ask for confirmation before creating the file system.

       -s log_size
	      Set the log size (in megabytes).	If the -s option is not  used,	the  default  log
	      size is 0.4% of the aggregate size.

       -V     Print version information and exit (regardless of any other chosen options).

       Format 3rd partition on 2nd hard disk with the volume label "JFS_hdb3":

	      mkfs.jfs -L JFS_hdb3 /dev/hdb3

       Format 5th partition on 1st hard disk, verifying each block created:

	      mkfs.jfs -c /dev/hda5

       If  you	find  a  bug  in  JFS  or  mkfs.jfs, please report it via the bug tracking system
       ("Report Bugs" section) of the JFS project web site:

       Please send as much pertinent information as possible including any error messages result-
       ing from running mkfs.jfs and the complete output of running fsck.jfs with the -v option.

       mkfs(8), fsck.jfs(8), extendfs(8), logdump(8), logredo(8), xchkdmp(8), xpeek(8)

       Barry Arndt  (barndt@us.ibm.com)
       William Braswell, Jr.

       mkfs.jfs is maintained by IBM.
       See the JFS project web site for more details:

					 November 9, 2001			      mkfs.jfs(8)
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