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logredo(8)			 JFS utility - replay journal log		       logredo(8)

       logredo - "replay" a JFS formatted device's journal log

       logredo device

       logredo	applies all committed transactions recorded in the JFS journal log since the most
       recent synch point.  Its goal is to put the JFS file system in the  state  it  would  have
       been in if all transactions had been applied, in order, by the JFS file system itself.

       device  is  the	special file name corresponding to the actual device on which the journal
       log will be replayed (e.g.  /dev/hdb1 ).

       logredo must be run as root.

       logredo is called from within fsck.jfs, and is not recommended to be run as a  stand-alone
       utility unless completely necessary, and only by advanced users with a clear understanding
       of journaling in a file system.

       If you find a bug in JFS or logredo, please report it via the bug tracking system ("Report
       Bugs" section) of the JFS project web site:

       Please  send  as  much pertinent information as possible, including any logredo error mes-
       sages and the complete output of running fsck.jfs with the -v option on the JFS device.

       xchklog(8), xchkdmp(8), mkfs.jfs(8), fsck.jfs(8), logdump(8), xpeek(8)

       Barry Arndt  (barndt@us.ibm.com)
       William Braswell, Jr.

       logredo is maintained by IBM.
       See the JFS project web site for more details:

					 October 10, 2001			       logredo(8)
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