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pamchannel(1)									    pamchannel(1)

       pamchannel - extract channels from a PAM image

       pamchannel [ -infile infile ] [channum] ...

       All options may be abbreviated to the shortest unique prefix.

       Reads  a  PAM  or  PNM  image as input.	Produces a PAM image as output, consisting of the
       indicated channels of the input.

       The output is the same dimensions as the input, except that the depth  is  the  number  of
       channum arguments you supply.  The tuple type is a null string.

       -infile infile
	      This specifies the input file, which defaults to Standard Input.	You may specify -
	      to select Standard Input explicitly.

	      This is a little unconventional for Netpbm programs, which usually have  the  input
	      file  specification as an argument.  For pamchannel, the arguments are channel num-


					  05 August 2000			    pamchannel(1)
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