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pnm(5)											   pnm(5)

       pnm - portable anymap file format

       The  pnm programs operate on portable bitmaps, graymaps, and pixmaps, produced by the pbm,
       pgm, and ppm segments.  There is no file format associated with pnm itself.

       anytopnm(1), rasttopnm(1), tifftopnm(1),  xwdtopnm(1),  pnmtops(1),  pnmtorast(1),  pnmto-
       tiff(1),   pnmtoxwd(1),	 pnmarith(1),  pnmcat(1),  pnmconvol(1),  pnmcrop(1),  pnmcut(1),
       pnmdepth(1),  pnmenlarge(1),  pnmfile(1),  pnmflip(1),  pnmgamma(1),  pnmindex(1),  pnmin-
       vert(1),  pnmmargin(1),	pnmnoraw(1), pnmpaste(1), pnmrotate(1), pnmscale(1), pnmshear(1),
       pnmsmooth(1), pnmtile(1), ppm(5), pgm(5), pbm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

					27 September 1991				   pnm(5)
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