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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pamtopnm (redhat section 1)

pamtopnm(1)			     General Commands Manual			      pamtopnm(1)

       pamtopnm - convert PAM image to PBM, PGM, or PPM

       pamtopnm [-assume] [pnmfile]

       All options may be abbreviated to the shortest unique prefix.

       Reads  a  PAM  image  as input.	Produces an equivalent PBM, PGM, or PPM (i.e. PNM) image,
       whichever is most appropriate, as output.

       pamtopnm assumes the PAM image represents the information required for a PBM, PGM, or  PPM
       image if its tuple type is "BLACKANDWHITE", "GRAYSCALE", or "RGB" and its depth and maxval
       are appropriate.  If this is not the case, pamtopnm fails.

       However, you can override the tuple type requirement with the -assume option.

       As with any Netpbm program that reads PAM images, pamtopnm also reads  PNM  images  as  if
       they  were PAM.	In that case, pamtopnm's functions reduces to simply copying the input to
       the output.  But this can be useful in a program that doesn't know whether  its	input  is
       PAM or PNM but needs to feed it to a program that only recognizes PNM.

	      When  you specify -assume, you tell pamtopnm that you personally vouch for the fact
	      that the tuples contain the same data as belongs in the channels of a PBM, PGM,  or
	      PPM  file.   The	depth must still conform, though, so to truly force a conversion,
	      you may have to run the input  through  pamchannel  first.   But	be  careful  with
	      -assume.	When you -assume, you make an -ass of u and me.

       pbmtopgm(1), pgmtopbm(1), pgmtoppm(1), ppmtopgm(1), pam(5), pnm(5), pbm(5), pgm(5), ppm(5)

					  03 August 2000			      pamtopnm(1)

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