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YPPOLL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 YPPOLL(8)

yppoll -- ask version of NIS map from NIS server SYNOPSIS
yppoll [-T] [-h host] [-d domain] mapname DESCRIPTION
yppoll asks a NIS server process for the order number and which host is the master server for mapname. The options are as follows: -T Use TCP protocol instead of UDP for request if the -h option is present. -h host Ask the NIS server process running on host for information about mapname. If host is not specified, the server polled is the default server returned by ypwhich(1). -d domain Use the NIS domain domain instead of the default domain as returned by domainname(1). SEE ALSO
domainname(1), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), ypwhich(1), nis(8), ypbind(8), ypset(8) AUTHORS
Theo de Raadt and John Brezak BSD
January 25, 2008 BSD

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YPSET(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  YPSET(8)

ypset -- tell ypbind(8) which NIS server process to use SYNOPSIS
ypset [-h host] [-d domain] server DESCRIPTION
ypset tells the ypbind(8) process on the current machine which NIS server process to communicate with. If server is down or is not running a NIS server process, it is not discovered until a NIS client process attempts to access a NIS map, at which time ypbind(8) tests the binding and takes appropriate action. ypset is most useful for binding a NIS client that is not on the same broadcast network as the closest NIS server, but can also be used for debugging a local network's NIS configuration, testing specific NIS client programs, or binding to a specific server when there are many servers on the local network supplying NIS maps. The options are as follows: -h host Set the NIS binding on host instead of the local machine. -d domain Use the NIS domain domain instead of the default domain as returned by domainname(1). SEE ALSO
domainname(1), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), ypwhich(1), nis(8), ypbind(8), yppoll(8) AUTHORS
Theo de Raadt BSD
February 26, 2005 BSD
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