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SESD(8) 						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						   SESD(8)

sesd -- monitor SCSI Environmental Services Devices SYNOPSIS
sesd [-d] [-t poll-interval] device [device ...] DESCRIPTION
sesd monitors SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF-TE) devices for changes in state and logs such changes changes to the system error logger (see syslogd(8)). At least one device must be specified. When no other options are supplied, sesd detaches and becomes a daemon, by default waking up every 30 seconds to poll each device for a change in state. The following options may be used: -d Instead of detaching and becoming a daemon, stay attached to the controlling terminal and log changes there as well as via the system logger. -p poll-interval Change the interval of polling from the default 30 seconds to the number of seconds specified. The user may then use getencstat(8) to get more detailed information about the state of the over enclosure device or objects within the enclosure device. FILES
/dev/sesN SCSI Environmental Services Devices SEE ALSO
ses(4), getencstat(8), setencstat(8), setobjstat(8), syslogd(8) BUGS
This is something of a toy, but it is better than nothing. BSD
February 21, 2000 BSD

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struct_input_polled_dev - simple polled input device SYNOPSIS
struct input_polled_dev { void * private; void (* open) (struct input_polled_dev *dev); void (* close) (struct input_polled_dev *dev); void (* poll) (struct input_polled_dev *dev); unsigned int poll_interval; unsigned int poll_interval_max; unsigned int poll_interval_min; struct input_dev * input; }; MEMBERS
private private driver data. open driver-supplied method that prepares device for polling (enabled the device and maybe flushes device state). close driver-supplied method that is called when device is no longer being polled. Used to put device into low power mode. poll driver-supplied method that polls the device and posts input events (mandatory). poll_interval specifies how often the poll method should be called. Defaults to 500 msec unless overriden when registering the device. poll_interval_max specifies upper bound for the poll interval. Defaults to the initial value of poll_interval. poll_interval_min specifies lower bound for the poll interval. Defaults to 0. input input device structire associated with the polled device. Must be properly initialized by the driver (id, name, phys, bits). DESCRIPTION
Polled input device provides a skeleton for supporting simple input devices that do not raise interrupts but have to be periodically scanned or polled to detect changes in their state. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT INPUT_POLLED_(9)
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