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SETENCSTAT(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			    SETENCSTAT(8)

     setencstat -- set SCSI Environmental Services Device enclosure status

     setencstat device enclosure_status

     setencstat sets summary status for a SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF-TE) device.  The
     enclosure status argument may take on the values:

     0	     Set the status to an OK state.

     1	     Set the status to an UNRECOVERABLE state.

     2	     Set the status to an CRITICAL state.

     4	     Set the status to an NON-CRITICAL state.

     8	     Set the status to an INFORMATIONAL state.

     All the non-zero options may be combined.

     Note that devices may simply and silently ignore the setting of these values.

     /dev/sesN	SCSI Environmental Services Devices

     ses(4), getencstat(8), sesd(8), setobjstat(8)

BSD					February 21, 2000				      BSD
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