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SETOBJSTAT(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			    SETOBJSTAT(8)

     setobjstat -- set SCSI Environmental Services Device object status

     setobjstat device objectid stat0 stat1 stat2 stat3

     setobjstat sets the object status for a SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF-TE) device.  The
     objectid argument may be determined by running getencstat(8).

     The status fields are partially common (first byte only, which must have a value of 0x80
     contained in it), but otherwise quite device specific.  A complete discussion of the possi-
     ble values is impractical here.  Please refer to the ANSI SCSI specification (available on
     the FTP site ftp.t10.org).

     Note that devices may simply and silently ignore the setting of these values.

     /dev/sesN	SCSI Environmental Services Devices

     ses(4), getencstat(8), sesd(8), setencstat(8)

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