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GETENCSTAT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     GETENCSTAT(8)

getencstat -- get SCSI Environmental Services Device enclosure status SYNOPSIS
getencstat [-v] device [device ...] DESCRIPTION
getencstat gets summary and detailed SCSI Environmental Services (or SAF-TE) device enclosure status. The overall status is printed out. If the overall status is considered okay, nothing else is printed out (unless the -v option is used). A SCSI Environmental Services device enclosure may be either in the state of being OK, or in one or more of the states of INFORMATIONAL, NON-CRITICAL, CRITICAL, or UNRECOVERABLE states. These overall states reflect a summary of the states of each object within such a device (such as power supplies or disk drives). With the -v option, the status of all objects within the device is printed, whether OK or not. Along with the status of each object is the object identifier. The user may then use setencstat(8) to try and clear overall device status, or may use setobjstat(8) to set specific object status. FILES
/dev/sesN SCSI Environmental Services Devices SEE ALSO
ses(4), sesd(8), setencstat(8), setobjstat(8) BSD
February 21, 2000 BSD

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SES(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SES(4)

ses -- SCSI Environmental Services Driver SYNOPSIS
ses* at scsibus? target? lun? DESCRIPTION
The ses driver provides support for all SCSI devices of the environmental services class that are attached to the system through a supported SCSI Host Adapter, as well as emulated support for SAF-TE (SCSI Accessible Fault Tolerant Enclosures). The environmental services class gen- erally are enclosure devices that provide environmental information such as number of power supplies (and state), temperature, device slots, and so on. A SCSI Host adapter must also be separately configured into the system before a SCSI Environmental Services device can be configured. IOCTLS
The following ioctl(2) calls apply to SES devices. They are defined in the header file <scsipi/ses.h> (q.v.). SESIOC_GETNOBJ Used to find out how many SES objects are driven by this particular device instance. SESIOC_GETOBJMAP Read, from the kernel, an array of SES objects which contains the object identifier, which sub-enclosure it is in, and the SES type of the object. SESIOC_GETENCSTAT Get the overall enclosure status. SESIOC_SETENCSTAT Set the overall enclosure status. SESIOC_GETOBJSTAT Get the status of a particular object. SESIOC_SETOBJSTAT Set the status of a particular object. SESIOC_GETTEXT Get the associated help text for an object (not yet implemented). SES devices often have descriptive text for an object which can tell you things like location (e.g, "left power supply"). SESIOC_INIT Initialize the enclosure. FILES
/dev/sesN The Nth ses device. DIAGNOSTICS
When the kernel is configured with DEBUG enabled, the first open to an SES device will spit out overall enclosure parameters to the console. SEE ALSO
getencstat(8), sesd(8), setencstat(8), setobjstat(8) HISTORY
The ses driver was written for the SCSI subsystem by Matthew Jacob. This is the functional equivalent of a similar driver available in Solaris, Release 7. BSD
May 24, 2007 BSD
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