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NANA(3) 						     Library Functions Manual							   NANA(3)

NANA - verify assertions in C and C++ code SYNOPSIS
#include <nana.h> DESCRIPTION
This is the main include file for nana which simply includes the files in the SEE ALSO list below. If you wish to modify the behaviour of nana you should do this before including nana.h or by modifying nana-config.h. See for more details. You also need to include the nana library by using -lnana if you use the default setup. SEE ALSO
nana-clg(1), nana(1), nana(3), I(3), DI(3), L(3), DL(3), Q(3) and The file is the primary documentation for this package. AUTHOR
Phil Maker <> NANA(3)
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