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NANA(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   NANA(1)

nana - generates debugger commands from C and C++ source code SYNOPSIS
nana [cpp-flags] files... DESCRIPTION
Generates gdb(1) commands from the arguments which implement the assertion and logging operations specified by macros such as DI(3) and DL(3). The output of nana(1) can then be sourced into gdb(1) to perform these operations. Note that you must provide any C preprocessor flags you are using to nana since these can change the code that is generated by the com- piler. SEE ALSO
nana-clg(1), nana(3), I(3), DI(3), L(3), DL(3), Q(3) and The file is the primary documentation. AUTHOR
Phil Maker <> NANA(1)

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DL(3)							     Library Functions Manual							     DL(3)

DL - generate logging messages in C and C++ using a debugger SYNOPSIS
#include <DL.h> DL(format,...) DLG(guard,format,...) DLH(handler,format,...) DLP(param,format,...) DLGH(guard,handler,format,...) DLHP(handler,param,format,...) DLGHP(guard,handler,param,format,...) DESCRIPTION
The DL macro is used to print logging or debugging messages using a debugger. The nana(1) command generates a set of debugger commands which are then sourced into gdb(1) to implement the logging. If you don't run the executable under gdb(1) then no tracing will occur. The arguments are: format,... - a printf(3) style argument list containing the message guard - print only if the guard is true. handler - the code that does the printing. Default: fprintf param - a parameter to be passed off to the handler. Default: stdout See for details on configuring the behaviour. SEE ALSO
nana-clg(1), nana(1), nana(3), I(3), DI(3), L(3), DL(3), Q(3) and The file is the primary documentation for this library. AUTHOR
Phil Maker <> DL(3)
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