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CHOWN(8)										 CHOWN(8)

       chown - change owner

       /usr/sbin/chown [ -f -R ] owner[.group] file ...

       Chown changes the owner of the files to owner.  The owner may be either a decimal UID or a
       login name found in the password file.  An optional group  may  also  be  specified.   The
       group may be either a decimal GID or a group name found in the group-ID file.

       Only  the  super-user  can  change  owner, in order to simplify accounting procedures.  No
       errors are reported when the -f (force) option is given.

       When the -R option is given, chown recursively descends its  directory  arguments  setting
       the specified owner.  When symbolic links are encountered, their ownership is changed, but
       they are not traversed.


       chgrp(1), chown(2), passwd(5), group(5)

4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 22, 1986 				 CHOWN(8)
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