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CHGRP(1)										 CHGRP(1)

       chgrp - change group

       chgrp [ -f -R ] group file ...

       Chgrp  changes  the group-ID of the files to group.  The group may be either a decimal GID
       or a group name found in the group-ID file.

       The user invoking chgrp must belong to the specified group and be the owner of  the  file,
       or be the super-user.

       No errors are reported when the -f (force) option is given.

       When  the  -R  option is given, chgrp recursively descends its directory arguments setting
       the specified group-ID.	When symbolic links are encountered, their group is changed,  but
       they are not traversed.


       chown(2), passwd(5), group(5)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 22, 1986 				 CHGRP(1)
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