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term(7) [bsd man page]

TERM(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   TERM(7)

term - conventional names for terminals DESCRIPTION
Certain commands use these terminal names. They are maintained as part of the shell environment (see sh(1),environ(7)). adm3a Lear Seigler Adm-3a 2621 Hewlett-Packard HP262? series terminals hp Hewlett-Packard HP264? series terminals c100 Human Designed Systems Concept 100 h19 Heathkit H19 mime Microterm mime in enhanced ACT IV mode 1620 DIABLO 1620 (and others using HyType II) 300 DASI/DTC/GSI 300 (and others using HyType I) 33 TELETYPE(R) Model 33 37 TELETYPE Model 37 43 TELETYPE Model 43 735 Texas Instruments TI735 (and TI725) 745 Texas Instruments TI745 dumb terminals with no special features dialup a terminal on a phone line with no known characteristics network a terminal on a network connection with no known characteristics 4014 Tektronix 4014 vt52 Digital Equipment Corp. VT52 The list goes on and on. Consult /etc/termcap (see termcap(5)) for an up-to-date and locally correct list. Commands whose behavior may depend on the terminal either consult TERM in the environment, or accept arguments of the form -Tterm, where term is one of the names given above. SEE ALSO
stty(1), tabs(1), plot(1G), sh(1), environ(7) ex(1), clear(1), more(1), ul(1), tset(1), termcap(5), termcap(3X), ttytype(5) troff(1) for nroff BUGS
The programs that ought to adhere to this nomenclature do so only fitfully. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 20, 1985 TERM(7)

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plot(1B)					     SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package Commands						  plot(1B)

plot, aedplot, atoplot, bgplot, crtplot, dumbplot, gigiplot, hpplot, implot, plottoa, t300, t300s, t4013, t450, tek, vplot, hp7221plot - graphics filters for various plotters SYNOPSIS
/usr/ucb/plot [-Tterminal] DESCRIPTION
The plot utility reads plotting instructions (see plot(4B)) from the standard input and produces plotting instructions suitable for a par- ticular terminal on the standard output. If no terminal is specified, the environment variable TERM is used. The default terminal is tek. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Except for ver, the following terminal-types can be used with `lpr -g' (see lpr(1B)) to produce plotted output: 2648 | 2648a | h8 | hp2648 | hp2648a Hewlett Packard 2648 graphics terminal. hp7221 | hp7 | h7 | Hewlett Packard 7221 plotter. 300 DASI 300 or GSI terminal (Diablo mechanism). 300s | 300S DASI 300s terminal (Diablo mechanism). 450 DASI Hyterm 450 terminal (Diablo mechanism). 4013 Tektronix 4013 storage scope. 4014 | tek Tektronix 4014 and 4015 storage scope with Enhanced Graphics Module. (Use 4013 for Tektronix 4014 or 4015 without the Enhanced Graphics Module). aed AED 512 color graphics terminal. bgplot | bitgraph BBN bitgraph graphics terminal. crt Any crt terminal capable of running vi(1). dumb | un | unknown Dumb terminals without cursor addressing or line printers. gigi | vt125 DEC vt125 terminal. implot Imagen plotter. var Benson Varian printer-plotter ver Versatec D1200A printer-plotter. The output is scan-converted and suitable input to `lpr -v'. FILES
/usr/ucb/aedplot /usr/ucb/atoplot /usr/ucb/bgplot /usr/ucb/crtplot /usr/ucb/dumbplot /usr/ucb/gigiplot /usr/ucb/hp7221plot /usr/ucb/hpplot /usr/ucb/implot /usr/ucb/plot /usr/ucb/plottoa /usr/ucb/t300 /usr/ucb/t300s /usr/ucb/t4013 /usr/ucb/t450 /usr/ucb/tek /usr/ucb/vplot ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWscpu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
graph(1), tplot(1), vi(1), lpr(1B), plot(4B), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 3 Aug 1994 plot(1B)
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