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PASSWD(1)										PASSWD(1)

       passwd - change password file information

       passwd [ user ]

       Passwd  changes	the user's password.  First, the user is prompted for their old password,
       and then, if that is correct, for the new password.  The  new  password	must  be  entered
       twice  to  forestall  any typing errors.  The super-user is not prompted for the old pass-

       Once the password has been verified, passwd uses mkpasswd(8) to update the user	database.
       This is run in the background, and, at very large sites could take several minutes.  Until
       this update is completed, the password file is unavailable for other updates and  the  new
       password will not be available to programs.

       /etc/master.passwd	the user database

       chpass(1), login(1), passwd(5), mkpasswd(8), vipw(8)
       Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, UNIX password security

4th Berkeley Distribution		February 22, 1989				PASSWD(1)
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