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SETGROUPS(2)									     SETGROUPS(2)

       setgroups - set group access list

       #include <sys/param.h>

       setgroups(ngroups, gidset)
       int ngroups, *gidset;

       Setgroups  sets	the  group access list of the current user process according to the array
       gidset.	The parameter ngroups indicates the number of entries in the array and must be no
       more than NGROUPS, as defined in <sys/param.h>.

       Only the super-user may set new groups.

       A 0 value is returned on success, -1 on error, with a error code stored in errno.

       The setgroups call will fail if:

       [EPERM]	      The caller is not the super-user.

       [EFAULT]       The address specified for gidset is outside the process address space.

       getgroups(2), initgroups(3X)

       The  gidset array should be of type gid_t, but remains integer for compatibility with ear-
       lier systems.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 13, 1986 			     SETGROUPS(2)
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