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NFCOMMENT(3)									     NFCOMMENT(3)

       nfcomment - a user interface to the notesfile system

       nfcomment ( notesfile, text, title, dirflag, anonflag )
       char *nfname, *text, *title;

       cc ... -lnfcom

       Nfcomment provides user programs with the ability to insert notes into a notesfile.

       The  note  is inserted into the notesfile specified by nfname.  Text is the address of the
       body of the note; this must be null-terminated.	If text is  NULL, the  note  is  gathered
       from standard input until an EOF is encountered.  The note is entered with the title spec-
       ified by the title parameter.  If the dirflag or anonflag  parameters  are  non-zero,  the
       director message is enabled or the note is entered anonymously.	These take effect only if
       the user has the appropriate priviledges in the notesfile.

       Nfpipe is used to make the actual insertion of the text.

       /usr/lib/libnfcom.a		  -lnfcom library

       nfpipe(1), notes(1), popen(3S), system(3),
       The Notesfile Reference Manual

       Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, essick%uiuc@csnet-relay.arpa)
       Department of Computer Science
       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
       Urbana, IL

       Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP)
       CONVEX Computer Corporation
       Richardson, TX

				      University of Illinois			     NFCOMMENT(3)
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