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NFPIPE(1)										NFPIPE(1)

       nfpipe - Insert articles into a notesfile

       nfpipe topic [ -t title ] [ -d ] [ -a ]

       Nfpipe reads standard input to create a note in the specified notesfile.  The title of the
       note is specified using the -t parameter.  The -d flag specifies that this note is to have
       the  director message flag set; if the author has no director privileges in the notesfile,
       this flag has no effect.  Specifying -a makes the note anonymous; if anonymous  notes  are
       not permitted this flag has no effect.

       /etc/passwd			  for the users name
       /etc/group			  for the users group
       /usr/spool/notes 		  the default notesfile data base
       /usr/spool/notes/.utilities	  utility  programs  and  online help the permission list
					  for the notesfile `topic'

       notes(1), nfcomment(3), nfmail(8),
       The Notesfile Reference Manual

       Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, essick%uiuc@csnet-relay.arpa)
       Department of Computer Science
       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
       Urbana, IL

       Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP)
       CONVEX Computer Corporation
       Richardson, TX

				      University of Illinois				NFPIPE(1)
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